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Working on a boat is a hazardous activity. Between exposure to the constantly-changing conditions of a marine environment to being surrounded by potentially dangerous equipment and gear, commercial fishermen and seamen face unique circumstances that land-based employees do not.

If you have a personal injury or wage claim against your employer, it is important to work with a lawyer well-versed in maritime law and who has the background required to understand concerns specific to workers in this industry. As a former scallop fisherman, captain and boat owner, as well as expert witness, attorney Patrick Flanigan draws from firsthand experience to provide a depth of knowledge and insight that few law firms can offer.

The Law Office of Patrick Flanigan represents clients nationwide with Jones Act and wage claims. To schedule your free initial consultation, contact the firm online or call toll free at 877-275-5191.

Personal Injury Claims Under the Jones Act

The Jones Act protects fishermen and other seamen who have suffered any personal injury on a boat, including fishing boats, fishing vessels, trawlers, factory boats and factory ships. The Jones Act also governs wrongful death claims.

Common injuries that maritime employees face include:

  • Hand, leg and back injuries
  • Slipping and falling on a deck or ladder
  • Fire and burn injuries
  • Deck or gear injuries
  • Exposure to fish that have been in a hold for too long, generating toxic gas
  • Exposure to fuels and oils

Jones Act claims include injuries caused by the unseaworthiness of a boat, that is, when a vessel is not fit for its intended purpose.

When you contact attorney Patrick Flanigan, he will aggressively pursue your claim against the boat owner or insurance carrier in state or federal court — whichever is most advantageous to you. Under the Jones Act, you may be entitled to maintenance (lost wages), as well as cure (the cost of medical treatment up to the point of maximum medical improvement).

At every stage of the process, securing just compensation for you is his goal. Mr. Flanigan strives to secure a just settlement; however, he stands ready to pursue litigation if necessary to protect your best interests.

Wage Claims

If you are a fisherman or other seaman who has not been paid the crew wages you are owed by the boat owner, it is important to contact an attorney right away. Attorney Patrick Flanigan will apply legal pressure to ensure that boat owners comply with their obligations, whether it be through negotiation or trial.

He will diligently pursue your claim under applicable federal wage and hour statutes. An experienced maritime lawyer, Patrick Flanigan has the knowledge necessary to navigate what can be a complicated discovery process. In maritime wage disputes, boat owners carry the legal burden of producing documentation to show they paid the appropriate amount, as well as producing the contract they established the distribution of profits with a particular crew member.

Take the Right Steps to Protect Your Rights

If you were injured on a boat or have been denied the wages you are owed, turn to experienced counsel you can trust.

The Law Office of Patrick Flanigan represents clients nationwide in commercial fishing and all other types of maritime matters. Contact the firm online or call toll free at 877-275-5191 to schedule your free and confidential initial consultation.

For your convenience, attorney Patrick Flanigan offers evening and weekend consultations. Contingent, hourly and other negotiated fee structures are available and may be customized to your needs.

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