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Nationwide Representation in Maritime and Commercial Fishing Law Appeals

Maritime law is unique, embodying complex maritime and commercial fishing regulations. Working with an attorney who is experienced in this complex body of law and who is also conversant with the unique nature of administrative and appellate law is critical when pursuing a reversal or reconsideration of your case.

If you are an attorney seeking an experienced maritime appellate lawyer to help your client, perhaps attorney Patrick Flanigan’s experience with commercial fishing and maritime law can help From initial filings through appellate level the Law Office of Patrick Flanigan represents clients nationwide. To schedule free consultation, Contact the firm online or call at 610-628-0539.

The Law Office of Patrick Flanigan protects the interests of commercial fishermen, boat owners, owners and managers of commercial fishing operations, longshoremen, seamen and other individuals nationwide with litigation and appellate matters pertaining to the commercial fishing industry and maritime law.

Attorney Patrick Flanigan is admitted to bring appeals before the Supreme Court of the United States and the Third Circuit Court of Appeals. He also can file appeals in other state and federal courts by special appearance. Mr. Flanigan has the experience and skill to represent clients in administrative, state and federal appeals. He has a nationwide appellate practice and represents the interests of clients in the following areas, for example:

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The Law Office of Patrick Flanigan represents clients nationwide in commercial fishing and all other types of maritime matters. Contact the firm online or call at 610-628-0539 to schedule your free and confidential initial consultation.

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