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When you face a legal concern involving commercial fishing, maritime law or employment law, knowing that the attorney handling your case understands what you are experiencing is reassuring. From 1975 through 1994, Patrick Flanigan worked as a commercial fisherman and ultimately as captain and owner of his own fishing vessel. As an employee and an employer, attorney Flanigan has an in-depth understanding of the unique concerns and challenges that fishermen, boat owners, employees and employers face that provides valuable background and perspective to every matter we handle. There is no substitute for experience.

At the Law Office of Patrick Flanigan, attorney Patrick Flanigan represents clients nationwide in maritime law and employment law, with a concentration on commercial fishing law. Whether your issue is related to fishing permit violations, fishery management plans, the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the Jones Act, wage claims, DOHSA claims or LHWCA claims, count on him to provide quality professional representation focused on protecting your rights.

Unique Knowledge And Insight Gained From Personal Experience

Working year-round, he fished the deep waters from Maine to Virginia, Oregon to Alaska. His trips lasted 10 to 16 days, on vessels operating 24 hours a day. He worked six hours on and six hours off, frequently working extra hours. Attorney Flanigan knows the meaning of a strong work ethic, and he respects and understands the effort required by his clients to be successful fishermen and boat owners.

  • After his years working at sea, he sold his fishing vessel in 1994. However, his ties to the industry remained strong, and he worked as an expert witness until 2002. In that capacity, he testified as an experienced fisherman in maritime litigation involving personal injury, DOHSA and Jones Act claims. This work sparked his interest in pursuing a legal education, and in 2002 he received his law degree.
  • Patrick Flanigan hails from a strong working-class background in Pennsylvania. Born in Chester and raised in Ridley Township, he takes pride in being an advocate for individuals, not corporations. Attorney Flanigan relates to his clients and understands their daily struggles, both in and out of the workplace, to support a family, make ends meet, as well as have a little left over to pay for college, vacation and savings.

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The Law Office of Patrick Flanigan represents clients nationwide in commercial fishing and all other types of maritime matters, as well as employment law. Contact the firm online or call at 610-628-0539 to schedule your free and confidential initial consultation.

For your convenience, attorney Patrick Flanigan offers evening and weekend consultations. Contingent, hourly and other negotiated fee structures are available and may be customized to your needs.