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Many people take their ability to work for granted. However, if an injury or disability prevents you from working, you know all too well the stress, worry and frustration that comes with an uncertain future. If your ability to pay bills and take care of your family are in jeopardy, it is important to work with an employment attorney experienced in workers’ compensation to help you get the financial protection you need.

At the Law Office of Patrick Flanigan, we represent clients throughout Philadelphia and surrounding areas in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in workers’ compensation matters. We understand the concerns you face if you are not able to work, and we are committed to helping you obtain the benefits to which are you entitled.

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Workers’ Compensation Representation

Worker’s compensation is a state-governed system that provides benefits for employees injured at work. The system functions essentially as a “contract” between the employer and the employee: Workers forfeit their right to sue in exchange for benefits to cover wage loss and medical expenses. An employee can bring a lawsuit against the employer only in limited circumstances, such as a retaliation claim against the employer who has punished a worker for exercising his or her rights.

Employees are entitled to benefits regardless of fault for the injury. Contrary to a common misconception, you are eligible for workman’s comp benefits as soon as you begin working – there is no waiting period for eligibility. As long as the injury is within the scope and course of employment, you are covered.

On Your Side Throughout the Workers’ Compensation Process

The workers’ compensation process can be complex and full of pitfalls. It is important to work with an attorney who has the experience it takes to help you navigate your claim to a successful conclusion and the commitment required to be your zealous advocate every step of the way.

Often, the workers’ compensation carrier will try to minimize the extent of an injury, or deny that it occurred within the scope of employment. Another frequent dispute is over the readiness of the employee to return to work and the limitations placed on that return. If your initial workers’ compensation claim is denied by the insurance carrier, we will represent you at the hearing before the administrative law judge, and if it is denied again, we will take the appeal to court.

Our goal is to help you obtain benefits to compensate you for lost wages, medical expenses and where applicable, vocational rehabilitation.

As with any administrative or employment law process, timeliness is crucial. If you are struggling with a workers’ compensation benefits claim or want to appeal a denial claim, contact us online or call 610-628-0539 to schedule your free initial consultation.

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