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Wage and Hour Claims: Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and State Laws

Under FLSA, nonexempt employees must receive regular wages that meet the statutory minimum, as well as overtime at 1.5 times base pay. Where an employer has not only failed to meet their statutory obligations, but done so willfully, you may be entitled to double your lost wages.

In addition the FLSA, Pennsylvania and New Jersey also have statutes that govern wages and hours for employees. Depending on what is most advantageous in your situation, we will file a lawsuit in state or federal court and seek to maximize all remedies to which you are entitled.

If you believe you have a claim under the Fair Labor Standards Act, you do not need to feel helpless, stressed or overwhelmed about the situation. Take proactive measures toward understanding and protecting your rights – contact The Law Office of Patrick Flanigan online or call 610-628-0539 to schedule your free initial consultation with an experienced employment rights lawyer.

Unemployment Compensation

If you were terminated from your job for reasons other than willful misconduct, you are entitled to receive state unemployment compensation. Many people are denied benefits the first time they apply, but working with an experienced lawyer, like attorney Patrick Flanigan, can make all the difference in appealing the negative decision.

We can help you evaluate your employer’s handbook to see if they violated their policies concerning the awarding of unemployment compensation or any other unfair treatment that may have occurred that lead to your termination, including employment discrimination.

Timeliness is of the essence in unemployment compensation cases and the other claims that may be related to your discharge. You only have 180 days after the last alleged discriminatory action to file a complaint. Failure to do so jeopardizes your claim, so do not hesitate to contact us if you suspect you have a claim.

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