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At the Law Office of Patrick Flanigan, we represent teachers, construction workers, utility workers, steelworkers, nurses, zoo keepers, and other professional and nonprofessional union members in claims brought against their employers. Our employment law firm advocates for employee rights in cases involving discrimination, ADA violations and other unlawful employment practices. From our office in Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, our law firm represents labor and union members in both the public sector and private sector occupations throughout Philadelphia and surrounding regions in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Labor and union lawyer Patrick Flanigan knows the meaning of hard work. He understands and respects the time, efforts and sacrifices his clients make everyday at their jobs. When a client is taken advantage of, a client’s rights are violated or a client is immersed in a hostile work environment, our firm advocates for the rights of our client in claims against the employer — in accordance with strict union administrative procedures.

Our law firm offers sound legal counsel to clients filing union grievances involving:

With comprehensive understanding of state and federal laws, as well as unique procedures regarding union worker claims, our law firm is equipped to provide effective legal counsel to Teamsters Union members and other union members throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Union Members Must Follow Union Administrative Grievance Procedures — Or Risk Losing Their Right to Recovery!

Too frequently, union members miss a critical step in filing claims for discrimination or other unlawful employment practice — filing a grievance with the local branch of their union. Many union members mistakenly believe they may file their claim with the union OR the state Human Relations Commission. However, union members must file claims through BOTH avenues. Other union members mistakenly rely on the assistance of a colleague to file the grievance with the union (or pass it along accordingly), yet it is never appropriately filed. If the grievance is not filed with the union within the strict time limitations, the employee waives any right to proceed with the lawsuit.

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