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About Attorney Patrick Flanigan

Former Fisherman, Captain And Boat Owner ♦ Employee Rights Lawyer

Attorney Patrick Flanigan had a long career in the commercial fishing industry before turning to the practice of law. From 1975 through 1994, he worked as a scallop fisherman, then cook, engineer, first mate, captain and ultimately the owner of his own fishing vessel. From 1994 through 2002, he served as an expert witness in maritime litigation involving personal injury and death at sea claims involving commercial fishermen.

Attorney Flanigan obtained his J.D. from Widener School of Law in Delaware in 2002 and was a law clerk for three different judges while a student. After graduation, he worked for a Philadelphia firm focusing on plaintiff-side workers’ compensation and employment discrimination cases. He established his own law firm in 2007, focusing on commercial fishing, maritime and employment law.

Drawing from the combined strengths of Mr. Flanigan’s commercial fishing and legal background, his firm is dedicated to providing fishermen, boat owners and other seamen, as well as employees in all types of industries across the nation, with knowledgeable and skilled representation aimed at protecting their rights and achieving results.

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