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Maritime Law Representation

Many maritime and commercial fishing law issues involve complex legal and procedural considerations, and acting quickly is critical in protecting your rights and interests. Just some examples are United States Coast Guard matters, regulatory matters, fishing permits, marine insurance disputes, contracts, salvage, collisions, liens, injuries, and shipyard claims. In all of these maritime issues, attorney Patrick Flanigan may be able to help you with administrative, civil and criminal issues.

Prior to turning to the practice of law, attorney Flanigan worked for nearly 20 years as a commercial scallop fisherman, deck hand, cook, engineer, first mate, boat captain and vessel owner, who fished the deep waters from Maine to Virginia, Oregon and Alaska. During his time on the water, he developed the knowledge and insight of an industry that can only be gained through firsthand experience. After his fishing career, but before attending law school, attorney Flanigan also served as an expert witness in maritime personal injury cases involving commercial fishermen and also vessel owners.

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